Didi, A Mother Just Like You.


This is my personal philosophy. That even amidst the hectic pace of today’s world, every family should know fun from the very beginning. Fun is learning, fun is discovering, fun is growing!

For children playing simply means fun. I believe that a family, who plays together, stays together. So perhaps fun is the ultimate family heirloom; a treasured gift we constantly celebrate and in doing so, we effortlessly pass it along to the next generation.

At Didis, fun inspires everything that we do. Since studies have shown that children learn best when they are having fun, I specialize in bringing you classic and innovative toys that educate through fun exploration, imagination and discovery. I personally select toys that are designed to broaden the child’s mind and engage the senses. And since I believe that play is the grandest voyage of childhood, I choose only those toys that first bring a smile, and then encourage curiosity and stimulate intellectual development. Toys, and fun, are build to be past on to the next generation. Because when family is having fun, the rest is easy.

I hope that Didis selection of toys brings you and your children the same joy that it has brought to me and my children over the years.
Have a fun day … today, tomorrow and always!